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Terms and Conditions

    Booking Departure and Return Instructions:

    • You MUST arrive at least 30-45 minutes before your scheduled reservation time to 525 Ranch Road 1431 Kingsland, Texas 78639 for check-in and to complete the safety orientation. (No extra time will be given if you are late)
    • Rental charges are due in full at the time of pick up. Cash will NOT be accepted for any rental fees.
    • FUEL IS NOT INCLUDED in the Rental price. (see terms and conditions below for more details)
    • Vessels can only be operated during daylight hours.
    • Overnight and multi-day rentals must be off the water 30 minutes before sunset.
    • Pulling anything behind the VESSEL is strictly prohibited.
    • In the event of unsafe weather conditions at the time of rental, we will issue A RAIN CHECK VALID FOR 1 YEAR. * Minimal drizzle / showers is not included in this policy.

    Boat Ramps to launch From 

If you need to have the boat launched at a difference location please call the office 512-756-5000 before completing your reservation

     Please note the following special restrictions:

    • You MUST be 21 year of age to rent or self captain a vessel on Texas waterways
    • You MUST provide a copy of  a valid Drivers license
    • You MUST have been born before September 1st 1993 or provide a Valid copy of your Texas Boater’s education Certificate to operate a vessel on Texas waterways.
    • Details on obtaining a Boaters Education Certificate can be found at
    • The cheapest legitimate online listed on the TPWD website is located at here, it is $11.00 make sure to select no donation or it will end up being $21.00
    • If you are 21 years or older you can purchase a ONE (1) time Boater Ed Deferral by clicking this link “Buy online” for a 15-Day Boater Ed Deferral Texas residents or non-residents Form-850 $10

    Terms and Conditions you agree to by completing your reservation

Damage Agreement:
I agree and take full responsibility for myself and any person(s) in my party. I also agree we will not damage or stain any part of the vessel or lose any vessel items. If loss or damage occurs, I (Renter) am fully aware that I will replace or fix any lost or damaged Boat Dockter Rentals, LLC items at replacement cost.

RE-FUEL Vessel Acknowledgement and Authorization:
FUEL IS NOT INCLUDED in the Rental price.
*I Authorize Boat Dockter Rentals, LLC to charge the credit card on file for refueling the vessel within 48 hours or returning the vessel.
*The RE-FUEL Rate is $5.50 per gallon and non Taxable
*Fuel consumption depends on several factors such as engine size, boat occupancy, water conditions, and how the watercraft is used.

Driving Age / Boater Education:
I agree and understand that I must be born before September 1st of 1993 and/or have my Boater Education License and be 21 years of age or older to drive any vessel.

Overnight Rentals:
I understand that overnight rentals cannot be used AFTER DUSK or BEFORE DAWN. I will adhere to these rules.

NO Towing:
I understand and agree that no towing is allowed on the rental.

Hold BDR Harmless/Blameless:
I agree to hold Boat Dockter Rentals, LLC and all its affiliates harmless and blameless of any responsibility of any incident(s) and harm to person(s) in my party. I also take full responsibility of any damage(s) to rented vessel(s) or other vessel(s) that may occur once I(Renter) and/or my party have taken control of the vessel.

Cancellations & Refunds Policy:
I fully understand and agree to the Boat Dockter Rentals, LLC Refund Policy.

Cancellations and Refunds Policy:
In the event of unforeseen circumstances and you need to cancel or change your booking:
-Cancellation 15 days in advance or more = 100% deposit refund.
-8 to 14 days in advance = 50% deposit refund
-7 to 2 days in advance = NO deposit refund *we can rent to an alternate guest or you may change your booking date.
-24 hours or less = FORFEIT 100% Deposit NO REFUNDS and NO CREDIT FOR FUTURE RENTALS
-Reservations made same day cannot be canceled or refunded.